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Wison’s Floating Liquefied Natural Gas (FLNG) Granted AIP by ABS

Release time:2020-12-23

Wison Offshore and Marine (WOM) today announced Approval In Principal (AIP) has been granted by ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) for its standardised 1.3 MTPA and 3.0 MTPA FLNG (Floating Liquefied Natural Gas) facilities designs.



WOM’s inhouse design and FEED will offer significant schedule and cost advantages at the early stage of FLNG Facility design. This has been achieved through WOM’s up-front and proactive early development initiative resulting in AIP of the designs.


ABS Vice President, Global Gas Solutions, Mr. Patrick Janssens said: “ABS has been the preferred classification organization for the offshore and energy industry for more than 60 years. With increasing global concern for the environment, clean gas-based energy plays an integral role within that framework. ABS applies its experience and knowledge to support members and clients involved in gas-related projects, including LNG and LPG transportation, the use of LNG and other gases as fuel and emerging offshore LNG terminal technology projects".


WOM’s FLNG division General Manager, Mr. WEI Huaqing stated that "We really appreciated ABS for their support and help in the development of our standardised FLNG designs. Through close cooperation WOM has been able to optimise the design for both of the 1.3 MTPA and 3.0 MTPA facilities providing economic advantages to both potential Clients and EPCIC Contractor”.


WOM firmly believes that this initiative will provide significant advantages to all stakeholders. The standardised nature of the design enable economies of scale in terms of procurement and streamlines construction and commissioning processes.


As licenced constructor and distributor of SPB type tank technology, both WOM’s standardised designs utilise this leading technology in the CCS (Cargo Containment System) to minimise construction schedule whilst also providing a robust CCS that meets industry best practice.



Mr. WEI also noted that “A major advantage for prospective Clients is WOM’s ability to not only undertake full hull and topside design but through parallel utilisation of both its Nantong and Zhoushan construction yards WOM can provide an optimised schedule”.


Based on previous FLNG delivery experience, WOM strives to ensure that gas testing and trials of the FLNG facility are conducted in close proximity to WOM construction yard prior to arrival at site. In doing so, WOM believes that investors will benefit through proven integrity of the CCS and gas processing system thus reducing project risk at the point of site commissioning and start-up phases.