Medicare Supplement Plan H – Basic But Crucial Coverage For Seniors

Medicare Supplement Plan H offers a basic package that will cover the costs which Medicare does not cover. Even with Medicare, there are out of pocket expenses that the patient must pay for, and these can pile up really fast. Without a Medigap coverage, the patient will be responsible for all of the coinsurance, co-payments, and deductibles for both Medicare Parts A and B. If you travel overseas, Medicare also will not provide for coverage.

If there is a significant decline in your health, or you are struck with an accident, the costs could consume all of your retirement benefits. It is in your best interest that you prepare for this before it happens.

Medicare Supplement Plan H will cover 100% of the deductible and coinsurance for Part A coverage. After Medicare benefits run out, it will also provide an extra 365 days of hospital coverage. It also covers Part B coinsurance and copayments.

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The expenses of the first three pints of blood are also covered as well. During your retirement, if you choose to travel around the world, Plan H will provide coverage of up to 80% for any emergencies you may encounter overseas. Plan H may be right for you if you just want to cover the basics, but other supplement plans will cover more.

The easiest way to know if Medicare Supplement Plan H is right for you is to call and speak with a Medicare expert. Private insurers provide all supplement plans and each plan covers the same things.  Each insurance company however set their own premium levels. And the differences in premiums from one company to another can be shocking.

There are websites which can provide you with quotes from Medicare supplement providers all over the country. This will give you the knowledge to make the right decision. You can be sure to get the coverage you need at a price that will not break your budget.

Note that the coverage of Supplement Plan H is limited to Medicare Approved charges; meaning that if your health care provider charges you more than what Medicare will approve, you will be responsible for any extra costs known as Excess Charges. It will pay for all of the approved costs of your services. Plan H also will not cover Preventative Care or At Home Recovery.

If you feel that Medicare Supplement Plan H may be right for you, you might want to get a quote at

If the response is in the affirmative, then all your medical expenses will be covered by Plan H. Different types of Medigap plans exist that may provide you with more coverage, but Plan H is suitable for individuals who want to ensure their basic necessities are met.

Policyholders who are currently enrolled in Plan H will not lose plan coverage or be forced to leave. Only individuals who have already signed up for Plan H will be able to get the coverage for Plan H.